There are mutawaathir (too many) reports concerning the Prophet’s Meraj to the heavens, and about the doors of heavens being opened for him such that he (sallallahu alihi wa-sallam) ascended beyond the seventh heaven, and His Lord spoke to him what He Willed, and He obligated five Salaats…But) concerning (the date and celebration of) this night of al-Isra wal-Me’raj,

  • There is NOTHING in the authentic Ahaadeeth specifying its date, neither in Rajab nor any other month.
  • Everything that is reported concerning its date is UN-ESTABLISHED according to the scholars of Hadeeth. People’s forgetting the date of al-Isra wal-Me’raj is out of Allah’s Great Hikmah (Wisdom)
  • Even if the date of al-Isra wal-Me’raj was established/proven/known, it is neither permissible for the Muslims to single out this (night/day) for Ibadah, nor is it permissible for them to celebrate it, because Allah’s Messenger (sallallahu alihi wa-sallam) and His Sahabah did not celebrate it, and did not single it out for anything.
  • If celebrating al-Isra wal-Me’raj was prescribed, Allah’s Messenger (sallallahu alihi wa-sallam) would have informed his ummah; either by his words or by his acts.
  • and if anything of this (celebration/or singling this night for celebration) had occurred, it would have been well-known, and the Sahabah would have reported it, for they reported from the Prophet everything the ummah needs,
  • The Sahabah did not neglect anything from the Deen, rather they were as-Sabiqoon (those who were the foremost to act) upon every good. So, if celebrating this night was prescribed, they would have preceded us in this act.
  • The Prophet (sallallahu alihi wa-sallam) was the most sincere adviser to the people, and he conveyed the message in full, and he fulfilled the Amanah (trust which was bestowed upon him from Allah). So, if revering this night, and celebrating it was from the Deen, Allah’s Messenger (sallallahu alihi wa-sallam) would not have neglected it or concealed it (from the ummah)
Conclusion : It is thus, known that celebrating this (night of al-Isra wal-Me’raj in Rajab) and revering it is NOT from Islam at all!

For a believer , his Hujjah (argument) shouldn’t be the people around him or the volume of people following this bid’at , rather the below should be his hujjah :
  • And whoever obeys Allâh and His Messenger, Allâh shall admit him in the Gardens underneath which rivers flow. (Quran 4:13)
  • “But no, by the Lord, they can have no (real) Faith, until they make you (Mohammed)  judge in all disputes between them, and find in their souls no resistance against your decisions, but accept them with the fullest conviction.” [Qur’an 4:65]
  • Narrated Irbad ibn Sariyah that the Prophet (peace be upon him) said : Those of you who live after me will see great disagreement (contradictions and new practices in Islam etc). You must then follow my sunnah and that of the rightly-guided caliphs (Abu bakr, Umar, Uthman and Ali) .Hold to it and stick fast to it. Avoid novelties, for every novelty is an innovation (In Islam) and every innovation is an error. (Narrated by Abu Dawud and a similar narration is found in Ahmad (4/126), Ibn Maajah (no. 43), al-Haakim (1/96)

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